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Why shouldn't I fertilize my own lawn?

Every lawn is very different.  Only a licensed pesticide applicator can accurately diagnose the specific needs of your lawn.  You can fertilize on your own, but complicated lawn issues require different products and approaches in order to correct your specific lawn problem.

What experience do you have?

Brian Jodoin has been working in the field of lawn care for over 15 years.  He also has a Massachusetts pesticide applicator license.  In order to get this license you must study the many different issues that can affect having a healthy turf.  You must then pass a test given by the state of Massachusetts proving that you are knowlegable in turf management. This experience assures you that when you hire GreenPro you are hiring a professional who is able to accurately diagnose the specific needs of your lawn.

Are the products used safe?

All substances can be toxic.  Products commonly found in the home such as cleaning products, vitamins, and pain killers can all be hazardous if used improperly. Pesticides are no different.  When used properly, pesticides are often not as hazardous as certain household products that are commonly found in your home.

Why do I need a professional lawn care company?

One big reason is that you're hiring an expert who can diagnose problems. We can tell you whether or not the problem with your lawn is simply a lack of water, an insect, or a disease. This is not easy for a homeowner to figure out on their own.  When you hire GreenPro, you know that your specific lawn problem will be diagnosed and treated, which takes the guess work out of it, thus saving you time and money.  We can offer our customers this type of commitment because we know we're applying the right amount, of the right products, at the right time.  When you do it yourself, you can't be sure of that. You also need to put down specific products at the right rate and at the right time in order to effectively correct  many lawn problems, including crabgrass.  We make sure that happens.

Will the products used leach into my well?

The products GreenPro uses are formulated to release slowly over a period of several weeks. The granules remain in the soil while the grass roots gradually extract nutrients in time released quantities therefore never going low enough to reach a well.

Will the products harm my pets?

We are pet-owners, too.  It's great that you think about the welfare of your pets. We want you to know that we think about that just as much. The products that we use are pet friendly when used as directed.  When the products are applied to your lawn they are diluted down on average by 100 times. Once a pesticide has been absorbed by the plant it is rapidly metabolized. We do however recommend that pets are kept off the lawn at least until the product dries.

What can I do to make my lawn healthier?

Proper watering and mowing are important factors in creating a healthy lawn. Mowing at least once per week during growth periods is essential. When mowing, sharp mower blades are extremely important. Rusty or dull blades rip the grass instead of cutting it, providing opportunities for problems, such as diseases, to infest the lawn.  As for watering, underwatering will stress your lawn and creates an opportunity for weeds to grow.  Overwatering however, can casue disease.  Please be sure to follow our mowing and watering practices.

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